Star of East Baptist Association

About Us

Star of the East Baptist Association has a rich tradition of making a an impact in the community for the past 102 years. Star of East was established in the year 1910 at St. John Baptist Church in Charles City, VA.  The Association was organized by Reverends J.E. Jones, J.J. Sweat, T.B. Banks, J.R. Vaughn, J.H. Fauntleroy, W.M. Charity, L.H. Dicherson, L.R. Fields, J.B. Miller, F.L. Hill, and J.D. Pearman.  Star of East is dedicated to Christian Education, Missions, Education, and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since its existance, there have been 16 moderators, great men and women of God, who have given tirelessly to the association: Rev. J.E. Jones (St. John); Rev. S.L. Massie (St. John); Rev. E.C. Fogle (Second Bethel); Rev. T.E. White (Rising Mt. Zion); Rev. E. S. Whitehead (St. John); Dea. M.J. Robinson; Rev. W.E. Payne (Mt. Nebo); Rev. W.A. Jenkins (New Bridge); Rev. L.L. Jones (Angel View); Rev. E. Towe (Mt. Nebo); Dea. L. Miles (Seven Pines); Rev. R. Crawley (Second Elam); Rev. E.L. Perry (St. John); Rev. L. Woods-Jones (Angel View); Rev. G. Magazine (Mt. Zion); Rev. R. V. Sykes Jr. (Rising Mt. Zion).

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